Bringing Up The Pepper Pad

Pepper Computer - Pepper Pad
Portable computer offers hassle-free, instant-on access to the Internet

Pepper Computer has developed PC and mobile Wi-Fi device applications for real world consumer activities in the categories of communication, creativity, entertainment, and personal productivity Pepper has also created an XScale-based Wi-Fi pad computer to run their applications. The PTR Group was instrumental in getting embedded Linux running on the Pepper Wi-Fi pad. We started by configuring the BDI2000 JTAG debugger to work with the Wi-Fi pad. This being done, a powerful low-level control and debug interface was then available on the pad. We then ported the U-Boot bootloader to the pad, and customized it to support power management sleep and resume functionality.

We customized an LSP (Linux Support Package) for the pad using MontaVista Linux Pro, and successfully booted Linux on the pad. We "did the math" to map the portrait-orientation LCD display, and added sleep and resume functionality to the graphics driver as well as the other drivers running on the pad. We brought up the audio, touchscreen, and fingerprint sensor drivers, and added power management support to those drivers as well. We then ported the Tiny X server to the pad, adding in complex logic to support hardware graphics acceleration. This resulted in greatly increased accelerated graphics performance.