Embedded Linux Bsp-board Bring Up

Course Overview

Embedded Linux BSP/Board Bring Up is a four-day course targeted at leading the student through the process of bringing up a new board and getting it to boot Linux. The course will present the overall process of board bring up including the porting of boot firmware, the development of a Linux board support package and the hand off of target information from the boot firmware to the Linux kernel. The student will be introduced to the use of hardware debuggers and their role in the bring-up process as well as other techniques that can be employed when hardware debuggers are not available. The goal of this class is to provide the student with sufficient background to enable them to port Linux to a new target board and get it successfully booting.  The course is comprised of both lecture and hands-on lab exercises. The labs are integral to the course and are designed to reinforce the concepts presented during lecture.

Course Materials

The course materials include a workbook that contains all of the slides presented during the lectures as well as hands-on lab exercises.

Course Prerequisite

The student must have at least 5 years experience in “C” and some background in writing device drivers for an embedded environment. Experience in any assembly language dialect is also desirable.

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