Linux Administration

Linux Administration is a four-day class that leads the attendee through topics and techniques associated with the installation and maintenance of Enterprise-class, Linux-based systems.  The course is comprised of both lecture and hands-on labs to lead the attendee through the typical care and feeding of GNU/Linux-based platforms including network configuration, security, applying updates, back-up techniques and strategies, simple scripting languages and other topics typically encountered in day-to-day Linux operations. 


The primary objective of this class is to give the new Linux user/administrator a solid overview of the operation of Linux in a production environment. 

  • Through a series of hands-on experiments, the attendee will develop a thorough working ability with Linux operations ranging from installation to maintenance.


This class is targeted at new Linux users and administrators.  Ranging from the 30,000 ft view of the system as a whole down to the techniques for system fine tuning, this class provides a solid introduction to the GNU/Linux environment and its operation.  This course also provides a good background for those who may be interested in transitioning to a stable desktop environment while maintaining compatibility with existing Microsoft and Apple platforms.


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