Migrating From Legacy Rtos To Embedded Linux

Course Overview

As Linux continues to gain strength in the embedded marketplace, many companies are considering moving their existing, or developing new applications, for an embedded Linux environment. However, there is a considerable investment in both legacy code base as well as engineering talent that is focused on the legacy RTOS. The 1 Day Migrating from a Legacy RTOS to Embedded Linux class is targeted at showing the similarities and differences between Linux and the RTOSes. By highlighting these issues and providing real-world examples, the attendee will gain a better appreciation for the challenges ahead of them as well as setting expectations for memory and run-time performance deltas in the different environments.

Course Objectives

This class is targeted to the engineer or manager who is experienced in existing RTOS development environments such as VxWorks(TM) or pSOS(TM) and are contemplating the migration of development efforts from a legacy RTOS product to an embedded Linux environment.

  • The attendees of this class will learn how the embedded Linux environment compares to the legacy RTOS in terms of features, memory model, scheduling algorithms, threading models and I/O systems. A strategy for migrating applications will also be presented.


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