Ose Operating System Soft Environment

OSE Systems GNU Toolset

OSE Systems (Now Enea)

OSE Systems focuses primarily on creating the software to develop and support high-performance, mission-critical applications in the following industries: telecommunications, data communications, wireless devices, avionics and industrial control. OSE Systems was recently named the #2 RTOS in sales worldwide.

OSE Operating System Soft Environment
The OSE Soft Environment provides users with support for the simulation of an OSE system. Applications can be developed on readily available PC’s or workstations running Windows, Solaris or Linux operating systems. The OSE Soft Environment allows user to combine host platforms with target platforms for a distributed environment.

The PTR Group was chosen to port the Gnu toolset to the OSE Soft Environment because of our extensive experience developing for the OSE RTOS, our knowledge of OSE system internals, and our many years of experience with the Gnu toolset.

Because of The PTR Group's engineering expertise, we are able to deliver custom engineering solutions, software and hardware design services, system architecture services, custom board support packages and device drivers, just to name a few. By enhancing the OSE Systems product line, we continue to show that we are in the business of providing expert-level engineering services to enhance our customers' bottom line.