Porting Solaris Applications To Vxworks


Time To Go RealTime
Moving a Solaris application to a VxWorks environment
Linguateq was a provider of innovative data integration technology that enabled network equipment manufacturers and their service-provider customers to deliver high-speed, high-performance converged voice and data services at dramatically reduced cost and time to market. Linguateq was acquired by Sonus Networks in 2001.

Linguateq was in the business of applying their patented data conversion technology for the production of voice/data network accounting records. The environment in which this innovative technology was typically deployed was that of a SPARC-based adjunct processor using a UN*X-based operating system. However, when one of their partners needed them to move the DataStream Management System (DSMS) into the switch itself and re-host the software to Wind River Systems’ Tornado/VxWorks™, Linguateq had their work cut out for them.

Realizing that the timeline for the project was too short for the typical learning curve associated with training their personnel in the use of a real-time operating system (RTOS), Linguateq contacted The PTR Group and asked what support we could provide.

PTR Group support to Linguateq included:

  • Establishment and set-up of the development environment inclusive of third-party software components, networked simulators and the latest patches
  • The development and presentation of several custom training presentations targeted at providing the Linguateq team with the information needed to address the design and porting of the UN*X software to the VxWorks platform
  • The installation and modification of WRS board support packages to support the use of COTS PPC603e-based single board computers for porting targets
  • Design guidance and problem resolution as the development staff modified their existing software to take advantage of the new target operating system
  • Installation and set-up of the target telephone switch system at Linguateq’s facility for integration testing
  • On-Site support of Linguateq’s customer during the integration phase
  • On-going problem resolution
  • Some quotes regarding PTR’s support:

“…PTR is a valued asset to our team…”

“… we couldn’t have done it without you guys…”

“I'll let you know when we can use your services again. It is only a matter of time...”

Whether you’re moving from UN*X to an RTOS, or the other way around, The PTR Group can supply the expertise to get your team trained and productive in the shortest amount of time.

Linguateq DataStream Management System

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