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It's late on Friday and you need to have your release out before the weekend. It could not be a worse time to find out that an obscure error is happening in your embedded linux system causing your board to be "bricked". Ordinarily, you are sunk and will spend days or weeks now creating countless test builds as you try to isolate the fault. Thankfully, you have LinuxScope and the BDI3000. Now you attach your BDI3000 to the BDM or JTAG interface on your board, fire up the LinuxScope Eclipse application on your development computer, and away you go on what is now a routine debugging exercise. With LinuxScope and BDI, you have all of the power of your usual gdb session available to you through the Eclipse environment for your embedded Linux target. And now, you don't have to cancel those dinner plans.

LinuxScope-JTD interfaces with your BDI3000 to leverage GDB-level debugging within your Eclipse environment. Source-level debugging, disassembly views, support for hard and soft breakpoints, and many other features are all at your disposal. Support and development is performed by The PTR Group, Inc., a leader in the embedded technology industry.