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Getting VxWorks Going on PLX Technology Hardware


The PTR Group creates BSPs for PLX Development Kits

PLX Technology Inc.is the leading supplier of high-speed silicon and software solutions for the networking and communications industries. The PLX solution includes industry-standard silicon, software for managing data throughout the PCI bus, rapid development tools that minimize design risk, and third-party development tool support through the PLX Partner Program. The PLX solution enables hardware designers and software developers to maximize system input/output (I/O), lower development costs, minimize system design risk and provide faster time to market. PLX PCI I/O Accelerator chips and I/O Processor devices are designed into a wide variety of embedded PCI communication systems, including switches, routers, line cards, media gateways, base stations, access multiplexors and remote access concentrators.

The PTR Group was chosen by PLX Technology to develop VxWorks Board Support Packages (BSPs) for several of its existing Reference Design Kits (RDKs) as well as all forthcoming RDKs. PTR Group engineers have extensive experience with PLX chips and the various processors selected for the RDKs. Customers developing custom boards based on PLX silicon can contract with the PTR Group to develop a BSP for the new hardware, or develop their own. In either case, BSP development time can be shortened by basing the new BSP on the RDK BSP. The PTR Group has developed VxWorks BSPs for the following PLX RDKs. Others will be available soon.

The IOP480 is a high performance I/O Processor that integrates an IBM PowerPC core, a PLX PCI interface, and a UART in a single IC. The BSP supports a standalone VxWorks boot from FLASH, or a VxWorks bootstrap in FLASH that downloads a VxWorks image from a host using Wind River's Target Server File System (TSFS). The BSP requires Tornado 2.0 and, using the serial interface, supports the use of all standard Tornado host tools.

PCI 9054RDK-860
This RDK features the Motorola PowerPC 860 processor coupled with PLX's 9054 PCI interface chip. The BSP provides the same features as the IOP 480RDK BSP.

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