Who We Are

The PTR Group is an engineering services company specializing in embedded, real time and distributed system technologies.  These technologies are the backbone of most modern industrial, portable, network and communication systems and are used in virtually every industry worldwide. Our service offerings include software development, prototype development, consulting, and training to assist commercial companies and government agencies in realizing their embedded device development needs.

At The PTR Group, we have a passion for engineering, an appetite for learning, and a drive to stay in front of technology.  As thought leaders in the embedded systems space, we stay on top of emerging technologies such as the growing “Internet of Things,” virtualization, mesh networking, IPv6 networking, space robotics, rapid prototyping, multicore processors and more.

Over the years, we have built state-of-the-art carrier grade telecom and datacom systems, mobile devices, industrial control systems, satellite communication systems, space, medical and underwater robotic systems, aerospace and defense systems, and medical equipment, as well as many others.  We work on projects ranging from firmware development to enterprise software development and our experienced staff of engineers has advanced network protocol, robotic control, application development and reverse engineering experience.  We are experts in open-source platforms such as Linux and Android® and provide world class training on these and other subjects to engineers around the globe.  The diverse experience and skills of our staff make the company of special interest to organizations trying to provide inter-disciplinary solutions to complex problems.

The company was founded in 2000.  Since that time, our ability to consistently deliver high quality services has led to many long term client relationships. The PTR Group, LLC  has offices located in Centreville, Virginia and Annapolis Junction, Maryland.

Our expertise is concentrated in the following business areas:

Our Advantage

  • Imaginative staff with diverse skill sets and decades of industry experience, accomplished in all aspects of embedded and software engineering
  • Network of industry contacts and finger-on-the-pulse emerging technology by virtue of our training business and world-wide speaking engagements
  • Ready access to a corporate knowledge base of engineering tactics, tools, and techniques
  • Collaborative culture and methodology enables us to effectively leverage a broad experience base to overcome formidable obstacles in time-critical situations
  • Recognized experts in the Linux kernel, Android® and Wind River’s VxWorks® operating systems

Our satisfied customers include NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Wind River Systems, Naval Research Laboratories, Orbital Sciences, Orbcomm, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Motorola, MontaVista Software, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Curtiss-Wright, The US Navy, The US Air Force, DARPA, Northrop Grumman, IMCI, L3, Boeing, Crane Aerospace and many others.