Community Service

We believe that part of being successful in business is to be successful in life. As such, we encourage our staff to get involved in their communities. When we can we offer our corporate support as well. Below are a few examples of the PTR Group supporting our communities.

US FIRST Robotics

The PTR Group is proud to continue its sponsorship to four high school teams in three different states for the 2018 season.  The teams are:

  • FRC #116 - Herndon HS / NASA HQ, Herndon, VA
  • FRC #1296 - Rockwall HS, Rockwall, TX
  • FRC #2537 - Atholton HS, Columbia, MD
  • FRC #5338 - Monroe Technology Center, Leesburg, VA

Our sponsorship consists of grants and mentor assistance to each team.  Our employees freely give of their time and expertise to help guide the students in the ways of professional engineering approaches.  These efforts have resulted in many of our team's students receiving scholarships to STEM-related programs at various universities around the nation.  All teams have direct mentorship from engineers who are employed by The PTR Group.  In addition to our continued mentorship, each team will receive a financial donation, based on need, for the 2018 season.  The teams will use the funds for competition registration fees, parts and equipment, and other expenses in the operation of their robotics programs. Here is a link to the 2018 season's game description:  To read more about our commitment to US FIRST, take a look at our US FIRST Robotics Page.

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Moringa Community Center - Ghana, Africa

PTR Group Sponsors Construction of Trade School in Ghana, Africa

Moringa Community is committed to improving rural Ghanaians' quality of life by training them in sustainable, locally appropriate technologies. Currently, they are building a community center in the village of Baako, where they will teach woodworking and food preservation skills.

By creating this kind of educational environment these people will become self reliant a self sustaining for future generations. This school and the training programs will change the lives of countless Ghanaians in years to come.

In 2009 The PTR Group provided grant assistance to to aid in the construction of the school facilities in Ghana.  Former PTR CEO/President T. S. Brackett serves as a board member and technical advisor to the charity organization.

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Girls on the Run of NoVA

PTR Group Sponsors GOTR 5k Races

PTR Group has been a proud race sponsor of the Girls on the Run of NoVA beginning in 2007. Girls on the Run is a life-changing learning program for girls in elementary and middle schools to promote self-esteem and strong values and to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and physical development through health education, life skills development, mentoring relationships and physical training. The program leads the girls to achieve a goal, the 5k run. PTR Group supports this encouragement and empowerment of these young girls with hope that they will become our next generation of engineers. Some employees' daughters participate in the program at school while other employees volunteer their time to the program as a buddy runner and/or coaching staff.

  • Daisy Dash 5k - May 19, 2007
  • Reindeer Romp 5k - December 8, 2007
  • Daisy Dash 5k - May 17, 2008
  • Reindeer Romp 5k - December 6, 2008
  • Daisy Dash 5k - May 16, 2009
  • Reindeer Romp 5k - December 5, 2009
  • Girls on the Run 5k - May 23, 2010
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Food Drives

PTR Group Makes Annual Donations.

PTR Group makes annual donations to provide over 100 needy families with the opportunity to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to the financial donation, employees are asked to participate in collecting non-perishable items that are needed. PTR Group works with Loudoun Interfaith Reflief, as they expect record numbers of families requesting food due to various hardships that they are encountering.

  • Take a Byte Out of Hunger 2008-2009
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Boy Scouts

PTR Group Helps Support Local Scout Troops

The PTR Group has provided some financial support to Boy Scout Troop 424 of Savage, Maryland, Boy Scout Troop 720 of Columbia, MD and Boy Scout Troop 1995 of Centreville, Virginia.

The funds are used by the troops to provide support for scout training, troop equipment, summer camp scholarships and other troop activities.

Troop 424 currently consists of about 30 boys and has a very active program that includes camping, public service projects and high adventure programs for boys ages 11-17 living in the Laurel-Savage area. Former PTR Group Company President T.S.Brackett (Recovering Scoutmaster) is currently serving as Assistant Scoutmaster of the Troop, and Employee Jim Beaulieu also serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster for High Adventure programs in the Troop.

Troop 1995 consists of 20-25 boys, including two sons of another PTR employee.

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Hiddenbrook Swim Team

PTR Group Helps Hiddenbrook Hurricanes

The Hiddenbrook Hurricanes (HB) Swim Team of Herndon is an organization that fosters enjoyment of swimming and strives for the growth and excellence in children's swim within our community. The team serves approximately one hundred swimmers from ages four to eighteen. The PTR Group helped to promote advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principals of good sportsmanship in these young swimmers.

PTR CTO/Chief Scientist Mike Anderson volunteers for the team.

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Dulles Little League

PTR Group Sponsors The Pirates

The PTR Group has been a proud sponsor of the Dulles Little League since 2005.  The program focuses on the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, and a love for the game of baseball, all in a fun, family-oriented community.

PTR COO Dean Thompson served as a team manager from 2004-2010.

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Computers In Schools

PTR Staff Supports School Computer Lab and Website

The PTR Group supported the St. Matthias School, in Lanham, Maryland. First providing them a needed website, email server and high-speed internet connectivity and more recently supporting the rollout of a state-of-the-art 30 station computer lab. PTR provided software, configuration and installation support for the lab which was dedicated by Washington Archdiocese Auxiliary Bishop Martin Holley on January 30th, 2006.

Former PTR President/CEO T.S. Brackett served as technical advisor and webmaster for the school.

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