Above all we are a learning culture.  We humbly admit what we don’t know and generously share what we do know.  We are not defined by technical skill sets; rather we are skilled at learning and adapting to new challenges.  We also have a spirit of volunteerism.  Personally and professionally, we step up to do what needs to be done for the greater good.  This spirit is evident in the community (we sponsor and mentor five FIRST Robotics teams) and in our workplace whenever a task needs to get done.  We are continuously improving, regularly taking stock of and fine tuning our internal and project processes.  We are collaborative by nature, despite our distributed workforce.  We reach out to each other early and often, yet we have the discipline to work independently.  We are mindful of the necessary balance between stubbornly solving problems individually and asking for help to expedite progress.  Our collaboration is org-chart agnostic, we respectfully treat each other as peers.  When a customer purchases the services of a PTR staff member, they benefit from the knowledge and experience of the entire PTR organization.  Finally, we all know how challenging it is to fit into a new culture and we all make the extra effort to help new staff members become part of the PTR family.