Cybersecurity Essentials

Cybersecurity Essentials is a 4-day, hands-on course in cybersecurity techniques and concepts and is targeted at an engineering-oriented audience.  Attendees will gain an understanding of major aspects of cybersecurity, such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, encryption and more. Additional topics include secure code development techniques, network security, certificate and code signing, asymmetric/symmetric encryption, key management, intrusion detection and prevention, multi-factor authentication, and mandatory access controls, among many others.  Hands-on labs will be used to reinforce concepts presented during lecture time. 


Understanding cybersecurity concepts is an incredibly important skill set for anyone working in the computing industry today.  Whether you are an engineer, manager, or systems administrator, security has an impact that cannot be underestimated or ignored. This course is targeted at introducing the attendee to the scope of the cybersecurity problem set as well as the techniques to address the key concerns for any computer system.

There are no specific prerequisites for entry into this class.  However, an engineering background will be helpful in completing the lab work.  

Course Materials

The course materials include a workbook that contains all of the slides presented during the lectures as well as hands-on lab exercises.  The on-site course is taught using Linux-based, multi-core laptops to demonstrate the concepts presented during the class. 


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