Embedded Development

The PTR Group embedded software engineers are recognized experts in the Linux kernel, Android® and Wind River’s VxWorks® operating systems. Our expertise resides in software development focused on board bring up, kernel porting, bootloaders, device drivers, board support packages (BSP), file systems, toolchains, and SDK development. The team is well versed in networking, distributed processing and applications development.

We are embedded/ real time operating systems (RTOS)-savvy developers who have worked with embedded Linux since its early adoption in the embedded community.  We have consistently applied good embedded and real-time development techniques in our use of Linux.  This is in sharp contrast to the many Linux desktop developers who are trying to do embedded development without the benefit of understanding what it means to operate in a constrained environment with real software performance requirements.  Learn more about our Embedded Linux Software Development Capabilities.

Embedded Operating Systems

The PTR Group has extensive experience with embedded Linux, VxWorks, pSOS+, VRTX, Nucleus+, QNX, eCOS, uC/OS, LynxOS©, RMX and many other real time operating systems (RTOS).   

PTR engineers use multiple operating systems, choosing the best fit for the requirements of the job at hand. For hard real-time or deadline-driven tasks, an RTOS is required. PTR engineers have decades of experience with VxWorks©. PTR is a proud certified training and service partner of Wind River Systems, the OEM of VxWorks©, Tornado© and Workbench.

Often the requirements fall between a full-scale enterprise OS and a RTOS. Our engineers are pioneers in this niche, scaling and exploiting Linux and associated open-source tools in soft real-time and throughput sensitive embedded systems. We are experienced in building systems using standard Linux distributions such as Yocto, Linaro, Ubuntu, and others, as well as creating custom Linux distributions.  We can also port and customize Android to work with new target platforms.

Device Driver Development
Complete solutions often utilize custom sensors, actuators and other custom hardware. PTR possesses the expertise to create drivers to access devices under Linux and VxWorks. We ship drivers for motors, sensors, analog to digital conversion, digital I/O, robotic elements, network controllers and a variety of local, wide-area and wireless communications channels.

Board Support Packages
Embedded operating systems provide necessary infrastructure to speed application development and performance. Flash file systems, network stacks, memory management, real-time scheduling, application portability and boot code for your CPU architecture is ready to run. But first you must port the operating system to your custom hardware. The PTR Group can bring your board up for you. We'll enable Linux, VxWorks or other operating systems on ARM, PowerPC, Intel x86, MIPS, or other CPU architecture-based hardware. Start your project with a solid reliable operating system ported by the experts at PTR.

Professional Services Business Model

Our business model emphasizes flexible engagements that support your unique challenges, customers, products, and processes.  Our engineering services are typically offered on a Time and Materials basis. 

As a client of The PTR Group you can:

  • Contract for complete development solutions or for individual components of a project
  • Utilize The PTR Group ’s engineering services as an adjunct to your engineering departments
  • Specify your requirements, or let The PTR Group evaluate and assess your needs and propose the best solution
  • Supplement your staff with The PTR Group’s experienced engineering professionals for on-site assignments for the purpose of finding solutions to problems of a technical nature