Embedded Product Evolution

Even the best engineered embedded products will need periodic technology refreshment. Components reach their end of life, thereby requiring a redesign of the hardware. In addition, rapid innovation in the industry can render former bright stars as has-beens in a technological backwater. The PTR Group has your answer to keeping your products on the leading edge and in your customer’s minds as the “must have” devices. Our product re-engineering and migration services can refresh and renew your products with the latest in innovation and capabilities to keep you competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Product Assessment and New Product Development

Not sure where your product stands in the market today? How about what features are in demand or are on the horizon given the coming of IPv6, cloud technologies, the Internet of Things and Web 3.0? The PTR Group is a learning organization that prides itself on staying on the bleeding edge with the latest technologies and techniques.

Our professional staff can sit with both your marketing and engineering teams and speak their respective languages. We will help you chart a course for refreshing your product lines to breathe new life into them and keep them current for years to come. We understand the issues of manufacturability and support of products from both a hardware and software perspective. So, you can move your product line forward with confidence that you have both maintainability and excellent supply chains.

Do you want to develop a new product line or expand your existing platform’s capabilities? The PTR Group has a long history in both commercial and Government markets in adding new capabilities to platforms, while maintaining backward compatibility with the existing install base. Our engineering team specializes in understanding your product, so we can recommend extension techniques that allow you to add capability for your customers with a minimum of disruption.

Is your current engineering staff stretched to the limit? We provide our customers access to both prototyping and light manufacturing capabilities. We can be your “skunkworks” to prototype new ideas and produce working units for internal evaluation.

Product Re-Engineering and Migration

Do you have a legacy code base that you want to preserve? Interested in transitioning to the latest multi-core platforms? Perhaps even transitioning from a legacy RTOS to an embedded Linux or Android platform? The PTR Group is an industry-recognized expert in Linux/Android and multi-core technologies. We will help you understand the challenges of these technologies and develop a product roadmap to move your products forward.

The PTR Group takes a systemic approach to product migration. We examine the market as well as the hardware and software to provide you with the most cost-effective approach to renewing your product line with the latest in sustainable technology. This includes bringing in new procedures such as distributed, source management to facilitate geographically-dispersed development teams, if you don’t already have something in place.

Our experts can become an integral part of your product team for as long as you need us. We not only help you refresh your technology, we train your staff in the latest tools and techniques so you can quickly become self sufficient. Our goal is to work with you to get the refreshed products out the door and help your internal development teams to own the changes.

Example Projects

IMCI Product Evolution