Emerging Technologies

At The PTR Group, we have a passion for engineering, an appetite for learning, and a drive to stay in front of technology.  As thought leaders in the embedded systems space, we stay on top of emerging technologies such as the growing “Internet of Things,” virtualization, mesh networking, IPv6 networking, space robotics, rapid prototyping, multicore processors and more. In addition to understanding the migration of uni-processor code to energy-saving multi-processors, we also stay up on the latest in open-source platforms like Linux and Android® and techniques for applying the latest concepts and implementations to rapidly prototype new ideas.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic of much recent discussion.  Microcontrollers and microprocessors are now at a price point at which they can be embedded into billions of new devices, making them "intelligent" and connecting them to the Internet.  With this increased connectivity comes great advances in what can be done, in terms of remote sensing and control, from small scale home automation all the way up to smart cities and connected transportation.  However, the IoT also brings new security concerns.  Connecting these devices, especially devices that do not have the computational power to include advanced security measures, opens the door to security breaches.

The PTR Group is deeply involved with the technologies of the IoT.  We regularly present at seminars and panel discussions on IoT topics.  Our IoT capabilities range from our decades of embedded systems experience, to wireless communications and security, to the use of gateways and fog computing to enhance security and reduce network traffic.  We are experienced with IoT standardization and security protocols, and with the community's efforts to evolve IoT standards and security.  We work with our customers to design and develop IoT products that work today, and we are able to help ensure that their products can adapt to tomorrow's IoT communications and security standards.

Mike Anderson, PTR Group, discusses the Internet of Things:


The Bleeding Edge

As an active contributor to the open-source Linux and Android® communities, PTR Group is always working to stretch the boundaries of thought. Our internal research and development efforts allow us to experiment with the latest technologies and techniques. Outgrowths of this effort are the numerous papers and presentations that PTR Group personnel give to venues such as the Embedded Systems Conference, Embedded Linux Conference and the Android® Builder’s Summit as well as various publications. We take what we learn and provide it both to our customers and to the community-at-large so that others might gain insight as well.


2015 Android Builder's Summit



2015 Embedded Linux Conference


Staying Ahead of Technology

Technology moves fast these days. Standards come and go. The key to success in the marketplace is the ability to understand which technologies are a “flash in the pan” and which are going to stand the test of time. Our research efforts include diverse areas of study ranging from robotics and unmanned vehicles to the use of general-purpose Graphics Processor Units, to USB3 bus mastering, embedded ARM cores and a number of networking technologies such as WiFi Direct, 6LoWPAN, IPv6 deployment and much, much more.

By researching and prototyping many of these technologies, we derive an understanding for how easy or difficult a technology is to field and whether it is consumer ready. We take this knowledge and apply it to the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, as panelists, keynotes and speakers at industry trade shows and conferences, we help shape the future by sharing our experiences.

PTR also runs periodic seminars and technology showcases for our research to members of the local area. These seminars are free to the community and are used to demonstrate PTR’s grasp of the subject matter as well as show how technologies work. This is part of our continuing commitment to furthering engineering expertise in the general community.

Mike Anderson, PTR Group, presents "How to Build a Linux-Based Robot" at Embedded Linux Conference.

Mike Anderson, PTR Group, presents "Extending Android via External Microprocessors" at Embedded Linux Conference.



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