What does “PTR” stand for?

When the company was formed part of the original business concept included marketing services as well as engineering services. Thus the company was named PTR to represent our focus on bringing (P)roducts from (T)echnology to (R)evenue. Although we still have a great marketing skill set we found that the demand for our engineering services was greater and as a result we concentrated on developing that part of our business. So today PTR can really mean whatever is significant to you. We like to think that could mean “Professionals Transforming Real-time.”

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What’s up with that logo of yours?

For those of you who get it, cool for you. For those that don’t here’s what’s up. Naturally with a name like “PTR” many folks will extrapolate that to the word “Pointer”. In fact there are many, including some of our own, who refer to us as “The Pointer Group”. That said, we figured that if that is the case then we better get an arrow or two into the logo. But when we thought about that the idea came out this way. Many talents, many backgrounds, focused on one objective. The result was six arrows focused on one thing. Independent, and yet together at the same time. It also happens that when you do that you get something akin to an asterisk. You know the * symbol. And for those of you with “C” or “C++” language experience putting a * in front of something gets you…..right, a “pointer”.

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Can I come work for you?

Maybe… We are pretty fussy about who we hire. That is to say that if you are a true real-time, or embedded, engineering professional with 5+ years of experience, with any RTOS, and are a real “self-starter” (please really be one, rather than just saying so on your resume) then lets talk. See what openings we have right now.

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Or, just email your resume here:  jobs@theptrgroup.com