Introduction To Android Application Development

Course Overview

Android™ is a incredible tool for creating a number of embedded applications ranging from smartphones to set-top boxes to consumer appliances.
This course provides the attendee a quick overview of how to set up for Android™ development while providing for an understanding of Android™, its services and how it fits in the overall Linux run time. This three-day class will provide you everything you need to know to get started with Android™ so you can start making your own applications and appliances that run this incredibly powerful platform.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to introduce the concepts and characteristics of Android™ development. The students will learn:

  • Introduction to Android
  • Setting up for Android™ Development
  • Building/Debugging Code for Android™
  • Structure and Lifecycle of Applications
  • Key Android™ Services
  • Graphics in Android
  • User Interface Events
  • Telephony Support
  • Sounds and Multimedia Support
  • Location Services
  • Bluetooth Services
  • Handset-Oriented Services
  • Platform integration

Introduction To Android™ Application Development is a three-day course aimed at providing engineers the knowledge necessary to use Android™. The course is comprised of both lecture and hands-on lab exercises. The labs are integral to the course and are designed to reinforce the concepts presented during lecture.

Course Materials

The course materials include a workbook that contains all of the slides presented during the lectures as well as hands-on lab exercises. The course is taught using Linux-hosted, multi-core laptops configured with Android SDK to demonstrate the concepts of the Android development environment.


“Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.”


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