Nfv And Sdn Architecture Building Blocks

NFV and  SDN Architecture Building Blocks is a 4-day training course that focuses on the architectures and issues associated with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) using Software Defined Networking (SDN) at both the service provider and datacenter level. Lectures provide instructions on NFV using SDN technologies, and provide guidance for performing the hands-on lab work.  The course covers the emerging technologies encompassing NFV-based platforms and the current industry trends with an emphasis on open-source and vendor-neutral solutions, although parallels and comparisons may be drawn with Cisco offerings where appropriate.  Students learn how Open vSwitch, OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, OpenStack, Docker, KVM and other technologies are related to each other, and how they interoperate to provide various service models including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).  This course is primarily based on open-source technologies and solutions for creating platforms and services. 

This course also provides the attendees with an understanding of the ETSI NFV Reference Model and the efforts of both the IETF and the open-source community at standardizing NFV/SDN platforms to optimize their use in "white box" systems.  This discussion will include the essential networking building blocks that are used to construct high-performance, NFV/SDN-based systems including approaches found in projects such as the DPDK, (VPP) and OpenDataPlane efforts.  Additional topics will include strategies for VM-to-VM communications, NFV security, traffic shaping, QoS, service function chaining and system management and orchestration.  Students will experiment with NFV/SDN-oriented components and learn the mechanisms for constructing, provisioning, diagnosing and benchmarking such networks. 


This class will benefit engineers, system architects, engineering managers, system integrators and support teams that are concerned with designing, deploying, maintaining, performance benchmarking, or optimizing an SDN, NFV or other open-source, cloud-based computing platform.

Course Materials

The course materials include a workbook that contains all of the slides presented during the lectures as well as hands-on lab exercises.  The course is taught using a Linux-based system to demonstrate the concepts presented during the class. 


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