Project Showcase

At The PTR Group we are customer centric. That means that since our primary business is solving problems we must engage with our customers on a direct and frequent basis. In order to arrive at a solution quickly we use an iterative "spiral" approach that gets the most important issues on the table and solved now, not later. We take this approach rather than the traditional "toss it over the transom" method because it gets our customers to a low risk solution to their challenges and issues.


IPv6 Networking App
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

Rapid Prototyping a Virus Scanner

IMCI Product Evolution

Robotic Satellite Servicing Mission Support

Spacecraft Systems History
NRL, Orbcomm, and more...

Eclipse Development Environment Customization
Ultimate Solutions

NRL Space Robotics Support

Operationally Responsive Space

Exploring High-Energy Astronomy

Enabling Commercial Satellite Constellations
Orbcomm Development Projects

Custom Hardware Development
Honeywell ACS

Embedded Linux Handheld

Videoconferencing System Development
VTLinx Multimedia Systems

Handheld Satellite Terminal
Orbital Sciences Corporation

Porting Solaris Application to VxWorks

VxWorks BSPs for Chipmaker Toolkit
PLX Technology

OSE Operating System Soft Environment
OSE Systems (Now Enea)

GuideStar Program MIL-STD-1553 Device Driver
Athena Technologies

Linux Build System, BSP and Drivers
Patton Electronics

Aegis Gun Platform Support
NSWCDD Dahlgren and NSWCPWD Louisville

Bringing Up The Pepper Pad
Pepper Computer

Ultra Wide Band Eval Kit
Xtreme Spectrum (Now Freescale)

Cramming For Linux

Virtual Mission Operations Center