Prototype Development

Rapid Prototyping and Mash-ups


Do you have an idea that you want to try, but don’t have the engineering staff you can spare?  Do you need access to you own, personal “skunkworks”?  The PTR Group has a team of experienced hardware/software co-development professionals that can help you rapidly prototype some of the most complicated systems for testing concepts and approaches.  By leveraging open-source hardware and software we can create “mash-ups” that allow you to pilot systems to your customers in a fraction of the time needed for traditional system development.

COTS Integration

We take commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems and open-source software and re-purpose them to meet your requirements.  Our personnel are experts in piecing prototypes together from seemingly disparate market segments to create near-seamless implementations for exercising new ideas.  Then, if you want to go to small production runs for expanded or field functionality testing, our network of PCB fabrication and light manufacturing partners can make these prototypes into reality by providing all of the parts and assemblies to create finished, field-deployable units.

Custom Hardware/Software if Needed

If COTS hardware and open-source software just won’t meet your long-term requirements, PTR Group also has hardware and software development capabilities.  We can take the potentially fragile COTS and open-source mash-up and turn it into a rugged NEMA, UL and FCC-certified platform.  You tell us the requirement and we can tell you what it will take to make it possible.

Example Projects

Rapid Prototyping a Multimedia Device

Rapid Prototyping a Virus Scanner