Software Engineering

At The PTR Group, our expertise goes beyond embedded systems.  PTR Group engineers create full-system solutions, including intelligent web interfaces, satellite system mission operations control and display systems, development tools, and much more.  We are also contributors to open source development projects.  Whatever your system’s software needs may be, The PTR Group has the experience and expertise to deliver the total solution.  Here are a few examples of product types that we have delivered, beyond the typical “embedded” space.

Web-Based Programming

Does your distributed control system require a human interface? Do you need a web-based application to monitor and manage your remote embedded systems?  To complement our expertise with embedded operating systems, device drivers, and real-time application development, PTR engineers are well versed in networking, web-based interface development and database applications. Remote or local configuration, monitoring, logging, alarm and diagnostic functions are often necessary components of a successful system solution. We create applications with custom graphical user interfaces that provide centralized command and control of distributed remote embedded systems, as well as situational awareness by gathering and displaying remote sensor data.  These interfaces manage systems via the network using standard network protocols (HTTP, SNMP, etc).

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Mission Operations Experience

Our decades of experience with spacecraft systems design and flight software gives The PTR Group unique expertise in the development and deployment of mission operation systems. Leveraging our flight software heritage, PTR Group engineers create robust, high performance software and systems for mission operations.  Learn more about our mission operations projects.

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Eclipse Development Environment Customization

Eclipse is the premier software development environment in use today, and is used universally for all types of development projects.  The PTR Group is responsible for the Eclipse interface to the BDI3000 product line, bringing the power of the Eclipse development environment to Ultimate Solutions’ BDI3000 JTAG-based debugging tools. Learn more about this project.                         

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Open Source Software (OSS) Development

Over the years, The PTR Group has always stayed in sync with current open source development techniques and we support the establishment of good OSS development practices within our clients.  This includes the use of development tools such as the git source management system, the use of Eclipse with DSDP extensions, and the installation and configuration of systems like the TRAC bug tracking facility with LAMP servers for automating the software development process.

The PTR Group also contributes to open source projects.  Here is a sampling of our open source project contributions:

  • Original author of GRegex
    • A library to make working with regular expressions in C much easier
    • Incorporated into glibc since version 2.14
  • Linux kernel patches for the PowerPC kernel
  • Contributed convenience functions to Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) project
  • Developed documentation extraction tools for the GNOME API
  • Developed the ftpput/ftpget applets for Busybox
  • Major contributions to the Orocos robotic real-time control project
  • Contributions to the log4cpp, qwtplot3d and Macports projects
  • Developed the Wiimote driver for Little John PalmOS OSS game console emulator
  • Contributor to the Meld Linux Discussion Forum on a number of embedded Linux topics including both user-space and kernel related issues
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Programming Language Experience

Our programming language experience includes C and C++, Java SE (RMI, JDBC), Java EE (EJB, JMS, JPA, JSF), Scheme, Prolog, Delphi (Pascal) as well as web/database expertise with Apache, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Python, Perl, JNI, Javascript, Oracle, AJAX, Polyhedra, Joomla, Django and many others. The PTR Group's experience spans the Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Windows development platforms.

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