Training Experience

Training Experience

No other training organization has our experience and our ability to capture the core characteristics of any technical subject related to embedded systems, and to present the information in such an easily understood and approachable manner. Even with difficult subjects such as multi-core operations, device driver development, and virtualization, The PTR Group has a proven track record of teaching students of all technical levels, leaving them with a solid understanding of the technology being discussed.

Since 2011 alone, The PTR Group has delivered over 80 PTR-authored Linux and Android courses directly for companies including Cisco Systems, Inc. and end customers for our industry partners Wind River Systems, MontaVista Software and Mentor Graphics.

In addition to developing and delivering our own training courses, we develop and deliver training materials for embedded industry leaders such as Wind River Systems, Mentor Graphics and MontaVista Software.   As Wind River Systems certified trainers, The PTR Group enjoys the status as Wind River Systems’ only Training Partner in North America.  In 2005, Wind River Systems began using PTR-created Linux courses for all of their embedded Linux training worldwide.  Since 2001, PTR has delivered all of MontaVista Software’s training worldwide, as well as developing 100% of their training materials.    For Mentor Graphics, we developed and teach courses in Android application development, and Android platform porting and development.  In addition to the United States and Canada, we have delivered training courses worldwide, including China, India, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, UK and many others.

Key Personnel Bio

Our experienced team of engineers that author and deliver our courses is led by Mike Anderson, the CTO of The PTR Group, Inc. 

Mike's background encompasses over 35 years of experience in the computer field ranging from mainframes to Unix-based platforms to PCs to real time, embedded systems. An accomplished systems architect and troubleshooter, Mike brings his depth of understanding and innovative perspective to bear on every problem. His skill set includes hardware and software co-design encompassing a cradle-to-grave understanding of all factors of the product-development cycle, training courseware development and technology assessment. As a skilled communicator with excellent oral and written presentation skills, Mike can quickly build a team consensus for rapid problem resolution.  For over twenty years, Mike has been instrumental in the development of high-quality courseware on a number of advanced topics including migration strategies for moving from uni-processor to multi-core architectures, the internals of the Linux networking stack, Linux/Android device driver development/debugging and board support package development.  His understanding of both the low-level hardware and the software that leverages it enables him to address a wide variety of topics that cover the breadth from the 30,000 foot view, down to the specific CPU instructions and their implementation.

As an instructor and consultant, Mike is a regular speaker at the DesignWest (formerly Embedded Systems) Conference as well as many other Android and Linux-oriented conferences.

Mike received a BA in Mathematics from the University of South Florida and an MS in Computer Science from George Mason University


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